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War Prophet
Oath Keeper



      I wonder if the ground has anything to say? I wonder if the ground is listening to what I say? I wonder if the ground would come alive? I hear what the ground says. The ground says “The great spirit has placed me here to produce all that grows on me, trees, fruit, and the plants” The same way the ground says “it was from me man was made” The great spirit, in placing men on the earth, desired them to take good care of the ground and to do each other no harm.  -Young Chief

Whispers in the Dark

      "Nature will be nature still, while palaces shall decay and fall in ruins. The rainbow, a wreath over her brow, shall continue as long as the sun, and the flowing of the river-while the work of art, however carefully protected and preserved, shall fade and crumble into dust!"


Natures Embrace

      "I was born in nature's wide domain! the trees were all that sheltered my infant limbs, the blue heavens all that covered me. I am one of nature's children. I have always admired her. She shall be my glory; her feathers, her robes, and the wreath above her , the seasons, her stately oaks, and the ever green- her hair, ringlets over the earth contributions to my enduring love for her."

Within the Undergrowth

      Do you know the trees talk? well they do. they talk to each other, and they will talk to you if you will listen. In the forest within the undergrowth you will eventually find what you seek. Thought you may be frightened to let go, you must loose yourelf to find yourself.


Winner of the 2013 Texas Spirit Art Competition Juried National Show.


Winner of the 2014 VAST 125 Mile Exhibition ArtBin Award


     I am blind and do not see the things of this world. but when the light comes, it enlightens my heart and I can see. Walk at the time of the full moon. Notice the effect of the moonlight, how it transforms the world, how strangely bright it is and how strong the Moonshadow. From the stars and the moon man should learn for the eyes of our heart see everything.

From Dust

Firefly (Sold)


     Fire means food, warmth, and comfort. Fire means life. Many important rituals and experiences in many different Native American cultures revolve around fire and the stories told deep into the night among a crowd or just a common bond shared between two people. Firefly is meant to represent that fire and the countless persons and experiences that have revolved around it. A face in the smoke, or a distant memory that dissapears with the embers of the fire floating away like a firefly in the night.

Under the Fading Moon (Sold)



     Lament is about exploring those moments of regret and doubt that each person experiences throughout their lives. No matter how long ago or how old we grow we still remember the moments we wish could be done differently if given another chance.


Winner First Place Grand Prarie Arts Council 2014 Annual Juried Art Show and competition

Impossible Gardens

      Life exists all around us, it is present in everything. I wish to bring to attention the life that i see existing in nature and create awareness about that beauty that surrounds us everywhere that we take for granted. Nature is a holy place; it should be respected, revered, and even feared when nature truly awakens.

Voices in the Forest (sold)

Time Will Tell


Great Spirit, give us hearts to understand never to take from creations beauty more than we give.


Watcher in the Shadows

      When you enter a grove peopled with ancient trees, higher than the ordinary, and shutting out the sky with their thickly inter-twined branches, do not the stately shadows of the wood, the stillness of the place, and the awful gloom of this doomed cavern then strike you with the presence of a deity?

Luci Anneu Seneca 


Best in show 2015 Rockwall Art League Juried Art Competition


Winner of the 2014 Texas Spirit Art Competition Juried National Show 3rd place award


Best in show Lewisville Visual Art League annual fresh ideas juried competition 2014


Winner peoples choice award Plano Arts Association annual multicultural art exhibit and competition.



Speaking through the Silence

      The oaks and the pines, and their bretheren of the wood, have seen so many suns rise and set, so many seasons come and go, and so many generations pass into silence, that we may well wonder what "the story of the trees" would be to us if they had tongues to tell it, or we ears fine enough to understand.




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